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Stedlin Blades
Sterling Radda
Ever since I was three I have adored fixed blade knives. On the average day I had a pretend knife in my belt and another in my sock. When I was old enough to have a real knife my family got me a bowie for my birthday. That afternoon I went into the woods to try it out. After the third cut the handle came off.

We contacted the seller and they sent me a new one. This one came apart just like the first one. I was disgusted with the quality of these knives. Taking the blade, I tried to make my own knife that would be stronger. My first attempt was unsatisfactory. Using an old file I tried again. 

After many subsequent attempts I was able to craft a knife that was able to endure the harshest treatment. Until this time I had been focusing on the performance side of knives. Now, confident I could make knives with great endurance, I started working on the finer side, trying to make each knife more elegant, while still holding to my principle—

"All knives should be beautiful, all knives must be functional."